Warlock 098 has been released

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Warlock 098 Changelog
Download Warlocks: http://www.epicwar.com/maps/179725/

- New spell: Silence (entangle toggle). Entangle has been renamed to "Disable" with toggles "Entangle" and "Silence".
- Removed toggle: Rush (Strafe)
- Added toggle: Thrust (Phoenix)
- Added a new combo (involving Rush and Phoenix)
- Remade Staff of Fireball
- Remade Aegis
- Added new "random spell" commands (in addition to -rs1):
"-rs1" = all players lose one random spell from each column
"-rs2" = all players lose two random spell from each column
"-rs3" = all players lose the same random spell from each column
"-rs4" = all players lose the same two random spells from each column
You can apply random spell commands multiple times, but then risk ending up with columns having no spells.
- Initial gold cost increased to 20 gold
- Masteries now provides 2.5% knockback reduction per level

- Fixed a fatal bug involving the use of the '-teams#' command (it allowed to type commands during game, caused multiple Warlocks to spawn for each player, caused lag, etc.)
- Fixed several outdated tooltips
- Fixed two major bugs regarding the setup constants
- Fixed several effect bugs
- Fixed a bug allowing lightning to pierce shield
- Fixed a bug causing shield to upgradable to level 9 (where shield, as all other C spells are only supposed to be upgradable to level 8)
- Fixed the APM system (write -apm to see your actions per minute of all players - only enabled in round mode at the moment)
... and much more

- Bouncer mechanics remade (it now targets closest target regardless of team)
- Initial cost of all R spells increased by 3
- Drain (slow) movement speed reduction increased from 60 to 70
- Time Shift initial gold cost decreased from 15 to 14
- Avatar curse/buff duration changed in favor for the Avatar by 20% (this includes all time based spells, including the new silence spell).
- Avatar HP decreased for low number of players
- Avatar knockback resistance now depends on number of players (12 players will make him take 8 times less knockback)
- Rush gold cost increased by 1
- Swap range increased by 100
- Swap upgrade cost decreased by 1
- Swap (relocate) cooldown decreased by 1.
- Lava treads duration decreased by 2 seconds and hp buff decreased slightly
- Fire Spray (stream) no longer relies on randomness.
- Removed knockback increase from Mask of Death (now matching the tooltip)
- Slightly increased thrust cooldown at higher levels
- Fireball-lightning combo can now be performed using friendly fireballs
- Pocket Watch duration buff slightly increased
- Link (hook) cooldown slightly changed (cooldown at level 1 increased by 1, but decreases faster when upgrading).
... and much much more

- Removed the "-tmedit#" command. The "teams#" command can now be used in both setup and in-game.
Thanks to antichristofer at http://antichristofer.deviantart.com/ for loading screen.
Thanks to Moonmage for finalizing loading screen.


Warlock 097 has been released

Warlock 097 Changelog
Download Warlocks: http://www.epicwar.com/maps/165775/

- A setup system, which will allow multiple commands using just one string: Example:
"-gold 30,dm,sh,C 5 20,10"
This will set gold to 30, mode to dm, teams to shuffle, constant 5 to 20, and number of rounds to 10 and thus starting the game.

- Improved shuffle command. "-sh min" or "-sh max" will start a shuffle mechanism which will either attempt making the smallest teams or the biggest teams possible. 'Random shuffle' is still available by simply writing "-sh".

- Added text to indicate self damage (from Scourge-alike spells). Blue numbers are for 'sacrificial damage' (doesn't add knockback damage)
- Added "-n" command to clear all text

- Splitter (target) issues and exploits have been fixed by changing the mechanics of the spell
- Link (induction) issues have been fixed by changing mechanics of the spell
- Fixed several major bugs in the timer system, causing timed spells to attach to wrong objects. This bug resulted in infinite buff and curse durations occuring occasionally.
- Fixed a point system bug in round mode
- Pillar bug: "Large Warlock Collider"
- Pillar stuck bug
- A bug causing Thrust to get a speed boost when used near pillars

- Splitter (target) mechanics remade
- Splitter (area) rebalanced
- Link (induction) mechanics remade
- Strafe (rush toggle) cooldown decreased by 5 for all levels
- Lightning cooldown increased by 0.5 seconds for level 1. Knockback slightly increased.
- Homing range no longer increases per upgrade. Duration increased by 0.5.
- Boomerang range no longer increases per upgrade
- Range mastery now increases range of all D spells by 15% per level
- Range mastery initial cost reduced by 2 gold
- Life steal mastery initial cost reduced by 1 gold
- All mastery level increment costs reduced by 1 gold
- Thrust-WindWalk combo knockback reduced from 100% to 75%
- Thrust no longer bounces away when colliding with pillars
- Several items have been tweaked (including Lava Treads, Aegis and Cape)

- Added team-colored boomerang (thanks to Elven_Immortal)
- New loading screen edited by Moonmage